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     Artist Statement
The fragility of life, loss and death are reoccurring themes found in my multimedia work that reflects my rural, southern culture.  Through intimate spaces, installations and reliquaries, I create narrative interpretations that engage viewers as voyeurs sharing in these human experiences.​
My ideas culminate into tangible realities without the boundaries of media. I enjoy manipulating metals and clay into new shapes and textures, constructing in wood, drawing in graphite, working with wax and exploring the unexpected. The forms result in sculpture, installation, drawing, video, photography, ceramics and metalwork. Many of these forms incorporate relics, found objects, fragments of nature and layered sound discovered by chance during video production.  
Part of my artistic process is the influence of my environment through sight, sound, smell and the relationship I feel with a place.  A connection to the Suwannee River, especially Suwannee Springs, permeates my work. This environment inspires me to reflect on the past, face my fears and examine the pain of loss. My exploration of time, place and loss leads me on a spiritual journey of transcendence where I find comfort from the dark themes that emerge in my work.

        Janis Brothers

All Works Copyrighted by Janis Brothers, 2020

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