Artist's Statement
Fragility of life, loss and death are reoccurring themes found in my multidisciplinary work that reflects my rural, southern culture.  Through intimate spaces, installations and reliquaries, I create narrative interpretations that engage viewers as voyeurs sharing in these human experiences.
The remnants from loss serve as evidence of what existed before. They become relics in my work, often juxtaposed with video that acts as a moving narrative or modern storyteller of the past. The effects of loss, struggle for survival, and process of healing are too familiar, fueling my work’s thematic content with spiritual undertones. 
The choices for media and art discipline are made to fulfill my work's thematic content and process for production. Whether I incorporate drawing, video, sculpture, metals, bookmaking, or ceramics is determined by the desired outcome. The freedom to work in this manner is both liberating and challenging, which serves as a comfort from the dark themes that emerge in my art.  

        Janis Brothers

All Works Copyrighted,  by Janis Brothers, 2017